Newsletter May 2008

In March 2008, Edinburgh Council voted against public opinion and sporting good and agreed to radically downsize Meadowbank, and to surround it with luxury flats.

If this decision is allowed to stand, athletes and ordinary users from across Edinburgh and beyond will find it even more difficult to access the sports facilities that improve their chances of success, general fitness, and overall health.

In this Save Meadowbank newsletter you’ll find out just how much will be lost should the plans go ahead and find out what you can do to get involved to help overturn this crazy decision.

Over half of Meadowbank’s facilities will go
5-aside pitches at MeadowbankA huge range of facilities will be lost if Edinburgh Council continues with its plan to bulldoze Meadowbank Stadium and replace it with a far smaller sports centre.

Sports halls would reduce from 19 to 7. Meeting rooms would fall from 5 to 2. The cycling velodrome would not be replaced. Even the hugely popular outdoor football pitches are facing the axe. Read more.

Millions will be wasted if the Meadowbank track is moved
Edinburgh Council will waste £3.7 million if it goes ahead with its plan to move Meadowbank’s running track.

Officials have estimated it will cost £4.1 million to create a level surface and lay foundations for a completely new 400 metre running track on the area currently occupied by the sports centre. That is over ten times the cost of relaying the existing facility.

“The current track only needs to be resurfaced,” said senior athletics coach Bill Walker. “That can be done for around £400,000 or less. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend ten times that amount to move the track a few hundred metres.”

  • View indicative diagrams included in the Edinburgh Council report showing the size and location of any future sports centre and the area that is to become a housing scheme.

Community Councils object to Meadowbank Plan
Community Councils have united behind the Save Meadowbank Campaign and voiced their objection to Edinburgh Council’s decision to significantly downsize Meadowbank Stadium and sell much of the site for housing.

Councilors break pre-election promises
When councilors recently voted to sell at least one third of the land at Meadowbank for housing and build a scaled-down sports centre, they chose to break pre-election promises not to reduce sports facilities at Meadowbank. Read more.

The Government must keep its word on sports funding for capital
Royal Commonwealth PoolIn the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Candidate City File, the Scottish Government pledged to fund 100% of the cost to upgrade the Royal Commonwealth Pool to host the diving competition during the games.

Recently however, the Government have attempted to go back on this promise, with Stuart Maxwell, the Minister for Communities and Sport saying it was just a guarantee, not a commitment. Read more.

You Tube
Visit the campaign’s You Tube Channel to watch short video clips from our public meetings, rally and the Save Meadowbank march.

The clips show overwhelming public opposition to Edinburgh council’s plan to reduce the sports facilities at Meadowbank and sell a huge area of public land to private property developers.

You’ll also find links to an excellent video documentary highlighting the enormous importance of Meadowbank and the continuing efforts of the campaign and community to save the entire site for sport.

Help Save Meadowbank
The fight to save Meadowbank goes on and there are a number of way that you can get involved to help overturn the Council’s decision. Here are some ideas:

  • Write to your local councilors and let them know how you feel about their decision ignore public opinion and vote to sell public land at Meadowbank. If you’re not sure who your councilors are, then visit the Dear Councilor page to find out.
  • Write to your MSPs making clear to them how you feel about Edinburgh Council’s actions. You could also demand that the Scottish Government meets its commitment to fund the upgrade of the Royal Commonwealth Pool 100% which would free up funding to be used for an upgrade of Meadowbank.
  • Come along to one of our Campaign organising meetings. We need your help promote the campaign in your community and to help lobby local and national Government to reverse the Edinburgh Council’s decision. If you have a little extra time, you might be able to help us prepare future events and demonstrations.
  • Check our website regularly for updates and information on upcoming events and a soon to be released online petition.
  • Don’t give up. Together we will win the fight to save Meadowbank.

Thanks for your support
Save Meadowbank Campaign


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