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Click here to urge the Scottish Government to match its rhetoric with proper funding for sports facilities such as Meadowbank…

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31 Responses to “Scottish Parliament e-petition”

  1. David Brash Says:

    Please leave the whole facilty.

  2. Alison Barclay Says:

    Please save Meadowbank and encourage young people to take part in sports

  3. cathy robertson Says:

    All this stuff about obesity, kids drunk on the streets or carrying knives – why in God’s name are they closing down Meadowbank?

  4. r brown Says:

    the video says it all

  5. Paul Young Says:

    Could do with more widespread advertising and public awareness.

  6. George Ross Says:

    Thank you Chris. You have left Edinburgh’s politicians with little option but to keep a good velodrome facility in the City. I can’t see any of them being so dumb as oppose it now. However the rhetorics could be interesting, particularly to voters.

  7. Helen Says:

    Keep and upgrade the whole facility – shame on Edinburgh Council for letting it get into the state it’s in and for their plans to knock it down.
    It’s a vital resource!!!
    As the video shows it’s not only Scottish people that use the velodrome, it also has people from all over northern Britain using it. How else are those youngsters supposed to prepare for 2012 and 2014!

  8. Thomas Thomson Says:

    Save the fascility!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Was so pleased to hear Chris Hoy supporting Meadow Bank this morning on the radio. Well done that man!! Does not surprise me that the politicians are just trying to make more money by selling off some of the land for housing. Just typifies what politcians are all about. They are supposed to be helping Edinburgh, not themselves.

  10. andy Says:

    no we need it bloody hell its a part of history

  11. Tam Reynolds Says:

    The city needs this facility,the country needs this facility!
    What an opportunity to put Edinburgh Scotland on the Map of the World.
    Meadowbank Sports Centre incorporating The (SIR) Chris Hoy Velodrome.
    No more political spin let’s have some proper spin…

  12. Amanda Dickson Says:

    How can a Capital city have second rate facilties, its astonishing to me that they propose to demolish and downgrade a vital leisure and sport facility in Edinburgh, especially in the light of our outstanding athletes at the Olympic Games.

    Having grown up near Meadowbank, I used the facilities there all the time. I am incensed about these new plans and i just hope we can stop them.

  13. Will Bramhill Says:

    Chris Hoy and the GB team have given the best-ever boost to British cycling – not just racing, but also the people who want to use bikes to ride to school, to shops, to work, to stay in shape without being superhuman. We’re already feeling the effect of the Olympic success with the planning of the work we need to do for our “Colchester, Cycling Town” project. We need a Meadowbank in every town and city for our children, our teenagers – and our social sanity. If Edinburgh councillors bring in the bulldozers to allow more Stalinesque flats, they will be sentencing the youth of tomorrow to more car-choked, crime-filled “nowhere-to-go” streets. It would be a sin.

  14. Jon Davey Says:

    A real tribute to Chris Hoy would be to save Meadowbank in its entirity, rather than having civic receptions for the politicians and their mates. Save Meadowbank and all its facilities!

  15. Rod Donaldson Says:

    Built for the people of Edinburgh rember

  16. Ann Cairns Says:

    Edinburgh desrves better than the badly maintained and structured present Meadowbank arena and include the future Chris Hoy Veladrome.

  17. S Baker Says:

    astonishing that they would even consider demolishing this for houses. Should be building more sports facilities instead of houses.

  18. Doug Says:

    Please leave the whole sporting venue alone. To downsize this would only serve to make a smaller place for children to pursue sports. I cannot believe that when this government collects so much money through various weird and wonderful taxation, that they can have the audacity to close a sporting venue.

  19. Craig Says:

    How can building flats be of more importance than preserving/upkeeping the Capital of Scotland’s key Sport developement facility?

  20. Tracy Says:

    I think it’s shameful that Edinburgh City Council ignore the public’s desire to keep Meadowbank facilities open. With problems such as obesity and anti-social behaviour of youth (often due to lack of activities) it is unbelievable that ECC are even considering shutting down a facility that is use widely by various groups for sports and leisure purposes. What an embarrassment to our city with the upcoming Commonwealth Games. I sincerely hope that Chris Hoy is the added bit of pressure that ECC need to abandon any project which entails destroying Meadowbank.

  21. Linz Landy Says:

    I just want to re-iterate what people above have said – it is just incredible that the Scottish Government and Edinburgh Council would do this for so many reasons.

    Hopefully with the return of Chris Hoy and all the cyclist from such an amazing Olympic games the council will be thinking twice about the plans for this site and rather than building more housing actually develop the velodrome here into one which will continue to produce outstanding athletes.

    Edinburgh Council – listen to what people are saying and make the right choice. Invest in what you have already go going on here – not in yet more flats.

  22. Jenni Says:

    so much young sporting talent will be lost if we close meadowbank.

  23. S. Grady Says:

    I have some great memories of the track, when I was younger. Cycling and the track kept me off the streets and stopped me from getting into trouble.

    Scotland youth need facilities like this to provide them with hobbies to focus on.

    Youngster’s have been losing their football parks for years now due to housing, are they are to lose their track as well? What is left for them to do but hang around street corners.

    Edinburgh council be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  24. T Lawrence Says:

    We clearly have some stars of the future and we need to give them all the help we can. Presumably a velodrome would be a fraction of the cost of a Parliament building.

  25. David Hart Says:

    Think of 2012 and how this facility could help towards even greater achievements for cyclists.

  26. Elvira Lord Says:

    We need more facilities for cycling, not fewer. Let’s encourage others to take up cycling and solve lots of problems in transport and health

  27. Nick Says:

    I hope it stays – ridiculous to leave Scotland so facility poor.

    A couple of ideas.

    1, Get the structure listed – ie if it is ‘part of Scottish Herritage’ they’ll have to keep it, although you wouldnt be able to demolish it and build a shiney new indoor one, it would be kept for use indefinitely.

    2, Discover some protected/endangered species living in it! They’ll not touch it then! 😉

  28. Paul Prince Says:

    They should be refurbishing it, not closing it!

  29. Stu Whitell Says:

    Come on British Cycling dont let this one be flattened as happened to our Northeast track Clairville at Middlesbrough a few years back. Yes Manchester is the flagship venue, but we cant be travelling there every day when we are not local. These satelite venues are imperative to our future champions,just look at the medal haul from Beijing!!!!! Good look people of Edinburgh cycling community with your forthcoming fight to save it. Stu Whitell (Stockton Wheelers).

  30. Dave Bugden Says:

    Good luck Edinburgh all our rare cycling facilities are precious especially as the popularity of our sport is increasing rapidly, we had the same problem at Herne Hill a couple of years ago but because of cyclists pressure especially from local club VCL we have managed to get at least a few years reprieve, once again good luck and keep fighting.

  31. Mwansa Tembo Says:

    We should have Scotland Games where all regions of Scotland compete. Thanks to one Man we found out we have a great cyclists, think of what talent we have in track and feild, high jump etc that we dont even know about. Let Scotland release the athletes! it will unify and bring us together as a great nation. Solutions people, solutions.

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