Objection to ECLP: Sample Letter


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This sample can be used as is, or adapted and /or expanded to suit.








To:       City Development, Planning & Strategy

Waverley Court

4 East market Street

Edinburgh EH8 8BG


Email:  edinburghcitylocalplan@edinburgh.gov.uk



Your Ref : ECLP/Pre-Inq_Mod


Edinburgh      July 2008


Edinburgh City Local Plan: Pre-inquiry modifications

Modification 5: Meadowbank Sports Centre


I am writing to state my opinion on the published modification 5 that directly affects the Meadowbank Sports Centre.


I am concerned that the modifications leave scope for part of the Meadowbank site to be sold off for housing, and would like to make clear that I believe that the entire site should be retained for sports use.


I believe that Meadowbank is a vital resource and is in need of upgrading, not downsizing and selling off.


I am also concerned that those who opposed the original plan’s reference to housing on the site were informed that the new proposal would state that “a replacement stadium and other facilities are proposed to be built within the existing site”, while not being told, as the planning committee were, that “this does not preclude the possibility of a housing proposal being brought forward for any parts of the existing site found to be surplus to sporting needs” (Report to Council Planning Committee 15 May 2008). On the surface, this appears to be a dishonest attempt to sneak through planning consent for housing against the public opposition


I hope my comments are going to be considered in the enquiry and contribute in acknowledging the role of Meadowbank Sports Centre for the City development.


Yours sincerely,





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