Edinburgh City Local Plan


(Click the link for a sample email or letter of objection; or here for our related flyer)


Last year, because of objections to proposals within the Edinburgh City Local Plan (ECLP) to sell off the Meadowbank site for housing, the proposals were dropped form the plan.


Those who had objected were recently informed by letter that while the plan had formerly “identified the Meadowbank site as a housing development opportunity… [The Council’s] intention now is to build new, high quality sports facilities suitable for major events at Meadowbank, within the site of the existing sports centre.”

The proposed Modification 5 includes the following:


– Meadowbank is no longer fit-for-purpose and a replacement stadium and other facilities are proposed to be built within the existing site. These proposals including their funding are in course of detailed appraisal in consultation with the relevant sporting bodies. 


On reading this, many who had objected to house-building on the site contacted the campaign to offer their congratulations that the campaign had been successful.

For those of us without legal training, it may not be apparent that the wording was carefully chosen to ensure that housing could find its way onto the Meadowbank site. Although kept out of the written communication to the objectors, a report to the Council Planning Committee  (paragraph 3.7) states the following:


“In the circumstances, all references to housing redevelopment will be deleted from the Plan; this does not preclude the possibility of a housing proposal being brought forward for any parts of the existing site found to be surplus to sporting needs once appraisal and consultation with sporting bodies is complete. Instead, the Plan will indicate the Council’s intention to build new facilities including a stadium within the existing site. It will be important to the inquiry to establish to what extent the 97 outstanding objections relevant to this issue are withdrawn.”


It would be difficult to blame anyone for jumping to the conclusion that this is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.


What can you do?


Anyone can object to this proposed modification to the ECLP (those who previously objected and those who did not) before Friday 11th July 2008


Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the pre-inquiry modification(s) to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made. (See sample email or letter).


Please email edinburghcitylocalplan@edinburgh.gov.uk


And please pass the sample email on to your contacts to do the same.


Or print out a few copies of the letter for your family/ friends/ workmates to complete.


Written objections should be addressed to:

City Development, Planning & Strategy

Waverley Court,

4 East Market Street,




Phone: 0131 469 3411 (Ben Wilson), 0131 529 6724 (Kenneth Bowes)

Phone: 0131 529 6133 (Ian Tame), 0131 469 3598 (Finlay Martin)

Phone: 0131 469 3600 (Naomi Sandilands): 0131 529 3956 (Heather Tibbetts)

Fax: 0131 529 6205


One Response to “Edinburgh City Local Plan”

  1. mark hunt Says:

    I don’t want to see houses built on this lovely stadium

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