Edinburgh City Local Plan Inquiry

You may have received a letter from the Council reference your written objection to Meadowbank-related proposals within the Edinburgh City Local Plan (ECLP).


The Council has been obliged to carry out an inquiry over the ECLP, and as an objector, you will have been presented with various options as to how you would like to progress your objection: withdraw your objection; written submission; informal oral evidence; or formal oral evidence.


While written objections already submitted will be considered, it is also possible to supplement your submission with more written argument (deadline for submission of supplementary material yet to be confirmed)


SMC recommend however that you choose to present INFORMAL ORAL EVIDENCE to the inquiry. As the title suggests, this will be an informally chaired discussion that should allow us to highlight and expand on our key concerns free from any pressure.

More details here…


The deadline for stating your preference is Wed Aug 27th. Failure to do so will mean that your objection will automatically be considered a ‘written submission’.


As more details of the process and confirmed timetable emerge, we will update the website.


Council’s Local Plan Inquiry website


Council’s Edinburgh City Local Plan website.


One Response to “Edinburgh City Local Plan Inquiry”

  1. Ann Cairns Says:

    Yes, the present city council did come to power and found, because of the financial blackhole left by the previous Labour administration, that hard choices had to be made. I wonder why therefore it did not call a complete halt to the re-introduction of a tram network and the Caltongate proposals, the latter of which threatens the capital’s status as a UN heritage site.
    Or is the proposal to demolish Meadowbank Stadium an easier option?

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