How you can save Meadowbank

1. Email Councillors and Planning Committee

Please email the Planning Committee, and the local Councillors and the lead Councillors for each party. Your email doesn’t have to be long and elaborate, just your basic concerns would be perfect. It is important to let the Council know your feelings and concerns. You will find an example of one email written to the planning committee at the bottom of this post, which you can personalise if you like. You can find most our concerns in this leaflet:

Planning Committee:

You will find individual member email addresses on this link:

Local councillors for Craigentinny / Duddingston


Find your local councillors here:

Lead Councillors:


Local MSP

2. Spread the word
Tell your neighbour’s, brother’s, sister’s, friend’s, uncle’s cat about the Meadowbank plans and get them to email too!

3. Get in touch
Email us to get involved in other ways, leafleting, organising anything!

Like us on facebook:
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Check out our website:

Example of email to the planning committee

Dear Sir/Madam

I write to ask about the forthcoming committee deliberations about the proposals for Meadowbank site.

At a very well-attended public meeting on April 18th, a number of local Councillors and MSPs expressed their concern, universally held in the room, that the deficiencies in the consultation process were significant and that that matter required to be looked into urgently. Alongside this, the responses to both planning applications have been overwhelmingly against both proposals and have raise a number of concerns and objections. Given that, and the strength of feeling regarding this issue, can you please confirm whether the committee will decide to halt its planned session in order to address these concerns? If so, I look forward to hearing from you about how this can be taken forward.

If the foregoing is not possible, I would appreciate receipt of any reasoning behind that in order that I can consider my options.

I appreciate that time is moving on and would therefore be much obliged for a speedy response.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yours sincerely


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