Campaigners criticise Council leaders for failing to attend public meeting about Meadowbank

Campaigners today criticised senior city politicians for failing to attend last week’s packed public meeting to discuss the Council’s controversial plan to demolish Meadowbank Stadium and replace it with a cut-down sports centre and hundreds of flats.

The leaders of all parties on the Council were invited to attend but none showed up. Some nominated a Councillor local to the Meadowbank area to deputise but one party – the Liberal Democrats – sent no one and did not even reply to the invitation.

“Hundreds of people turned up to raise concerns about what is a highly controversial plan,” said Save Meadowbank spokesperson Linda Furley, “The refusal of the lead Councillors to attend shows a complete lack of leadership and contempt for the citizens they claim to represent.

“They have failed to properly consult on a sell-off and downsizing of a popular facility and are now running scared from hearing criticism at first hand.

“Two MSPs who spoke agreed there had been a failure to properly consult. All but one of the junior Councillors did similarly.

“People have turned out in their hundreds to voice objections. Those present at the meeting were in no doubt about the strength of feeling which has now been shown at two public meetings and the formal planning application process earlier this year which attracted an objection rate of over 80%.

“We urge members of the public to contact the Planning Committee and make their views known.”

Edinburgh Council’s planning committee will decide on two planning applications for the Meadowbank site when it meets on 15 May.


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