Mini Meadowbank will be ‘pale shadow’ of former self

Campaigners have today criticised Edinburgh Council’s plan to downsize Meadowbank Stadium, saying the proposed new sports centre will have over 40% less facilities than the current site.

“Meadowbank is Edinburgh’s main sports facility with over 500,000 people using it each year,” said Save Meadowbank spokesperson Linda Furley. “It is so popular sports groups struggle to obtain extended lets and occasional users have difficulty getting a booking. If that is the case with 34 facilities available, how will the proposed replacement cope when it has just 19 facilities?

“This was shown by last week’s public meeting at which just one person supported the Council’s plan to downsize Meadowbank. There simply isn’t a room in the area capable of hosting a meeting for hundreds of people. The new site will have only two small meeting rooms which won’t be able to meet the needs of the community.

“Under the Council’s plan we will lose over 40% of the existing facilities and the proposed replacement centre will be a pale shadow of its former self.”

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One thought on “Mini Meadowbank will be ‘pale shadow’ of former self”

  1. I think it is a disgrace that the council wants to take down trees and also for any high rise flats to be built plus have we not got enough student accommodation in Edinburgh !! They must listen to people .s views plus they would be taking away many residents view of the iconic arthurs seat including myself

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