News Release: Big Brother winner backs Save Meadowbank Campaign

Celebrity Big Brother Highjack winner John Loughton is backing the campaign to save Meadowbank Stadium from demolition.

The 21 year old lives in Scotland’s capital and is standing for election to the City of Edinburgh Council as an independent candidate in a forthcoming by-election. He says he is happy to support the campaign to save a hugely popular sports facility.

He said: “No-one should ever under estimate or devalue the importance of OUR local, grassroots facilities and buildings. Plans of development, ‘modernisation’ or in worst case situations demolition should always have the provision for local people and the opportunities for the wider community as top priority – not any political, financial or private interest.

“Meadowbank stadium is no different and if the unwanted sledgehammer plans are approved, we will play witness to a decision which serves purely private interests and blatantly ignores not only the desires and requirements of local people, but ignores the voice of thousands of people.

“City of Edinburgh Council, I plee to you to listen to the people, the people who elected you and ensure not only democracy is served, but that ultimately our great stadium is saved!”

John is just the latest to sing the praises of the international sports centre, which hosted the Commonwealth Games in both 1970 and 1986. The city’s Lib Dem/SNP administration, backed by the Tories, have voted to demolish the hugely popular Council-run site. They want to replace it with housing and a scaled-down leisure centre that will lack almost two thirds of the existing facilities.

Thousands have lodged objections with the Council and a high profile campaign to save the site has attracted support from many local personalities including The Proclaimers, Radio One DJ Edith Bowman, X factor winner Leon Jackson and triple Olympic gold medallist Chris Hoy, who recently fronted a campaign video.

“It’s high time the Lib Dem/SNP administration listened to what people are telling them,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor. “Our campaign has been backed by people all over the world, from the Cayman Islands to New Zealand.

“Elite athletes realise its importance. Those who coach there think it must be saved. People from all over Edinburgh and beyond want to keep the site. Meadowbank is an iconic site synonymous with sport and we should be doing all we can to retain our facilities.”


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