News Release: Council misses its own deadline for Meadowbank report

A key deadline in the fate of Meadowbank Stadium has been missed by its owners, the City of Edinburgh Council.

In March the Council’s Lib Dem/SNP coalition, supported by the Tories, decided to downsize the popular sports facility and sell much of the site for housing. Officials were given five months to put “a fully costed plan” before the Council yet the agenda for this Thursday’s full Council meeting fails to mention Meadowbank.

Stephanie-Anne Harris, the Council’s Head of Sport, is the senior official responsible for delivering a scaled down sports centre. Only last month she met with local residents at a Craigentinny/Meadowbank Community Council meeting and reiterated the key dates. She told the meeting her report, which would outline results of a technical appraisal, was still on schedule. She said the report would be available on Edinburgh Council’s website seven days before it went before the Council meeting on 16 October.

Thousands have objected to the Council’s plan, which will affect dozens of sports. A high-profile campaign to save the landmark site has attracted support from many local personalities, including triple Olympic medallist Chris Hoy who fronted a campaign video.

Campaigners have criticised the Council for this latest delay. “Stephanie-Anne Harris was quite clear a month ago when she said her report would be delivered on time,” said spokesman Kevin Connor.

“She should have completed her technical appraisal by now. This delay is yet another sign of the Council being unable to deliver in terms of sports provision for the nation’s capital city.”


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