News Release: Save Meadowbank to “give kids the same chances I had”

Don McGrattan, who describes himself as a “proud citizen of EH6 in the greatest wee city in the world”, has written to Edinburgh Council to ask them to think again about their plan to demolish Meadowbank and replace it with a scaled down sports centre.

“I am disgusted at the proposal to downgrade Meadowbank Stadium,” he wrote. “Meadowbank has been there since the 1970 Commonwealth Games. I personally played Judo there, five and seven a side football, squash, badminton, basketball, trampoline and even ran on the famous tartan track.

“There must be thousands of people living in and around Edinburgh who had their first taste of sport there and who have led healthy, active and fulfilled lives which might never have happened without such a great resource.

“The centre is a bit run down now but it still serves a purpose. I’d rather pay a bit more Council tax to give kids the same chances as I had down the years because of Meadowbank.

“Sort out your priorities. Think of the health and well being of kids – and sports enthusiasts of all ages – in this great city. It’s much more important than the vagaries of one current bunch of councillors who are entrusted to look after the city on behalf of its citizens.

“Take that seriously or lose the perks at the next election. Please think hard and vote for the people – it shouldn’t be about the money.”

Thousands have already objected to the City of Edinburgh Council about its plans for Meadowbank. A new petition to the Scottish Parliament is available through the website or directly at


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