Save Meadowbank’s e-petition to the Scottish Parliament

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4 thoughts on “Save Meadowbank’s e-petition to the Scottish Parliament”

  1. Please, just leave the stadium alone. Or if you really want to get involved invest some money in upgrading it. Not demolishing it for property that nobady wants buy.

  2. The facilities at Meadowbank are essential for a city the size of Edinburgh. I completely accept the need to develop a site in Glasgow, but there is a need to provide suitable sporting facilities in Edinburgh. Keep Meadowbank.

  3. Chris Hoy’s comments said it all: Tear down Meadowbank and replace it with nothing, and he is very likely the last cycling champion that will start their career in Edinburgh. It’s not the way to go about fixing childhood obesity and creating a healthy and safe environment for our athletically-minded youngsters. Keep the site and build a better one, and in 4 years’ time we may have 2 Olympic champs!

  4. Scottish cyclists are ruling the world and the foundations for this success were laid years and years ago with training and racing at Meadowbank. The people of Edinburgh have filled the streets today to greet two of those cycling champions. Edinburgh has benefited from Meadowbank and is basking in this glory and should upgrade the track so that it can bask in glory in the future.

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