Gavin Strang says the plan to sell Meadowbank for housing is wrong and that the Council should recognise the hugely popular facility “for the jewel that it is.”

He made his comments in his current mailshot to constituents. The Edinburgh East MP wrote: “The campaign to save Meadowbank has successfully halted the Council’s plan to sell it of to a developer and use the money thus raised to build new facilities at Sighthill.

“Despite that victory for common sense, nothing less than the retention of the whole site for recreation is acceptable. Moreover, the operating facilities should be given a much needed upgrade by the Council as soon as money becomes available.

“The latest Council policy of selling off part of the site for housing is wrong and needs to be resisted with the same intensity as led to the victory over the first proposal.

“Meadowbank is a tremendous asset not just for East Edinburgh but for the city as a whole.

“We are lucky that Meadowbank is close to the city centre. It is time the Council recognised it for the jewel that it is.”

Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor said: “We welcome this continued support from the local MP and urge people to sign the petition to ask the Scottish Government to provide the money to fund Meadowbank’s refurbishment.”

The petition to ask the Scottish Parliament to provide funding for national sports facility such as that at Meadowbank is available through the website or directly at


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