Sign the Scottish Parliament e-petition against the sell-off

Sign the e-petition to the Scottish Parliament that calls for adequate funding of sports facilities such as Meadowbank…

Edinburgh Council proposes to radically downsize Meadowbank Sports Centre and sell-off around 40% of the current site to housing developers. Find out more…


2 Responses to “Sign the Scottish Parliament e-petition against the sell-off”

  1. Graeme Says:

    Track racing is the future for kids to start learning to race. With fatalities rising in Time Trialling on the road, track racing is a safe environment for young and old a like to race their bikes.

  2. Dave Huggins Says:

    My son is a GB and Scottish pole vaulter. He is unable to compete in Scotland due to the poor facilities. He wanted to go to university in Scotland but could not because Scotland is not investing in its sporting future. Letting Meadowbank rot is shameful.
    Edinburgh athletes,swimmers and cyclists will all be moving away from the capital to keep their Olympic and Commonwealth dreams alive. They are running out of time.

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