News Release: Another Meadowbank land deal uncovered – How many more are there, ask campaigners

Another Meadowbank land deal has been uncovered just days after Edinburgh Council was criticised by the Scottish Information Commissioner for its handling of a significant cut price land deal on the same site.

The Scottish Episcopal Church has confirmed it sold land to the Council in October last year. John Stuart, their General Secretary, told campaigners his organisation sold land to the Council “for full value, after having received independent valuation advice.”

He explained: “It recently came to light that the Scottish Episcopal Church owned a very small strip of land in the area. I understand from our solicitors that the area of ground in question represents part of the land formerly comprising Clockmill Road which as stopped up in 1968. The Church at that time owned some land bounded by the road and became owner of part of the road as a result of its stopping up.”

Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor commented: “This is the second time this week we have heard about the Council buying land at Meadowbank. How many more such deals are there?

“The previous deal, which was done under the previous Council administration and involved land being sold for just 1% of its market value, was criticised this week by the Scottish Information Commissioner. Now we find the current administration has also bought land on the same site. We call upon the Council to come clean and provide full detail of all deals it has done or is currently negotiating in connection with land at Meadowbank.”


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