News Release: Currie call on Council to invest in ‘Sports Village’

Currie Community Council has called upon Edinburgh Council to scrap its plan to downsize Meadowbank and concentrate instead on preserving its Commonwealth Games assets as a ‘sports village’. 

Archie Clark, planning convenor for Currie Community Council, made his request while objecting to the revised Edinburgh City Local Plan. He wrote: “Meadowbank was built for the Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Pool was built for the Commonwealth Games. They are relatively close to each other and to the seat of Government in Scotland. They should not be seen as separable entities.
“Edinburgh Council has not maintained the Commonwealth Games facilities in sufficiently good order to allow them to be re-used without major works being done. It now proposes to sell land that would be vital to retain this ‘sports village’ in order to pay for a second rate facility with less accommodation.
“We have seen no arguments that show there is a desire to improve Scotland’s sporting stature in advance of the London Olympics. Monetary arguments have taken precedence. Surely retaining and developing these grounds entirely for sport on a rare site with potentially excellent transport links would enable the City to reap long term benefits from its investment. Building houses may solve a short-term cash problem but has no lasting benefits.

“We recommend that a Development Plan be prepared for Meadowbank showing the existing links with the Commonwealth Pool and the potential links with the bus and railway services to the East Coast Main line, to Edinburgh Airport and the west of Scotland. The opportunity exists to do this as long as the grounds are retained specifically for sporting purposes.”
Many other Community Councils have also raised continued objections to the sale of the Meadowbank site for housing. Members of the public have until Friday to comment on Edinburgh Council’s Local Plan which includes a section devoted to the future of Meadowbank Stadium.


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