News Release: Down-sizing Meadowbank is more unpopular than rest of Edinburgh Local Plan

Edinburgh Council’s latest plan to replace Meadowbank with a scaled-down sports facility is as unpopular than their previous idea to build a housing estate on the entire site.

Over one thousand people have now written to object to an amendment about Meadowbank in the Edinburgh City Local Plan. That is more than the total number of objections raised about all issues within the entire Local Plan when it was out for comment last year.

“The Meadowbank proposal on its own has surpassed the 656 objections for all other issues combined,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.

“The proposed modifications would make it much easier for developers to build housing on huge chunks of the site.

“People are very angry that the Council has ignored the clear public demand for Meadowbank to be upgraded without sacrificing any of the current site and facilities.

“They object not just to housing taking over the entire site, but to housing taking over any of the site. Many are sceptical of the Council’s commitment to promoting health and fitness, not to mention the upcoming Commonwealth and Olympic Games.”

Members of the public have until Friday 11th of July to comment on Edinburgh Council’s Local Plan which includes a section devoted to the future of Meadowbank Stadium.


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