News Release: Tennis should be included in Meadowbank plan

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Youngsters hoping to follow in the footsteps of Andy and Jamie Murray are hindered by the lack of tennis facilities in East Edinburgh.

There used to be public courts all over town but many have since been replaced by housing. Facilities in Holyrood Park have recently been closed, while the Meadowbank courts were destroyed by fire in the 1990s and have not been reinstated. Anyone from the Meadowbank area who wants to play tennis must now find a private club or travel to either the Meadows or Inverleith.

“Tennis is one of the many sports completely ignored in the Council’s plans for a scaled down facility at Meadowbank,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.

“Many of the courts I played on when I was younger no longer exist. It’s all very well for the Council to tell people to spend a fortune on private facilities or cross the city if they want to hire a Council court. That isn’t the way to encourage people to exercise. They need to be far more procative and provide local facilities instead of selling sports land for housing.”

Members of the public have until Friday 11th of July to comment on Edinburgh Council’s Local Plan which includes a section devoted to the future of Meadowbank Stadium.

  • The proposed modifications in the Edinburgh City Local Plan would make it much easier for developers to build housing on huge chunks of the site.
  • Use our sample email or letter to help prevent this.

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