News Release: Meadowbank is hot topic for Currie

Currie Community CouncilCurrie’s Community Council is the latest to object to Edinburgh Council’s plan to scale-down Meadowbank Stadium and replace much of it with housing.

“Currie Community Council considered that the campaign to retain Meadowbank, and not sell off part of the site for housing, was one worth supporting. Currie may be several miles away from Meadowbank but it is on a direct bus route to the stadium,” said their planning convenor, Archie Clark. He knows quite a bit about the subject because he is a qualified architect who in 1986 worked at several of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Games sites.

“This was a national facility and not one that should be seen solely as a provision for Edinburgh. As a Capital city, Edinburgh acts as caretakers for buildings for national functions so it consequently requires national funding. At present it looks as though the Scottish Government is happy for Edinburgh to deal with the Commonwealth Pool and Meadowbank as though they were local assets. Edinburgh therefore has to compete on equal terms which inevitably means a dilution of quality in terms of facilities, open space provisions, transport links and so on.

“Sadly there is also no joined-up thinking when it comes to recognising that exisiting Commonwealth facilities in Edinburgh are close enough to be seen as a “Games Village”. Scattering facilities across the City – or wider – dilutes the ability to provide a powerful focus in superb surroundings with potentially excellent road and rail links.”

Currie is the fourth Community Council to publicly object to the decision made by Edinburgh councillors earlier this year to demolish Meadowbank.

  • View indicative diagrams of Edinburgh Council’s latest plan for Meadowbank, showing the size and location of any future sports centre and the area that is to become a housing scheme.

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