News Release: Maintaining existing facilities would be suitable Games legacy

Meadowbank Stadium, venue for the 1986 Commonwealth Games © Miles Cumming, Edinburgh The Government should look to maintain existing facilities if they are serious about wanting to provide the country with a lasting legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

That was the message campaigners delivered at a public meeting in Edinburgh last week when Government officials sought views on what legacy people would like Scotland to receive from hosting the event in six years time.

Edinburgh hosted the Games in both 1970 and 1986. Yet both the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Meadowbank Stadium have since been neglected financially. Meadowbank in particular faces total demolition with the loss of most of its facilities.

“Officials leading the 2014 team talk about learning from places like Melbourne and Manchester. They really ought to start closer to home and learn from what happened to Edinburgh,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.

“We need to maintain what we already have. Alex Salmond should match his rhetoric with cash and give Edinburgh Council more money so Scotland’s capital can retain the much loved and hugely popular facilities that were meant to be their long-term legacy from previous Games.”

  • View indicative diagrams of Edinburgh Council’s latest plan for Meadowbank, showing the size and location of any future sports centre and the area that is to become a housing scheme.

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