News Release: Government should target Meadowbank refurbishment

Meadowbank stadiumThe Scottish Government’s own targets should be enough reason for it to agree to fund Meadowbank’s refurbishment, according to campaigners.

Last November, as part of the Scottish Budget Spending Review, Alex Salmond’s Government announced a National Performance Framework with 15 outcomes and 45 targets. “Many of these outcomes are particularly relevent to the saving of sports facilities at Meadowbank,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.

“For example, the ones about living longer, healthier lives with access to high-quality public services we need that are responsive to local people’s needs.

“The Government must follow its own agenda and work within this National Performance Framework. Selling a third of Meadowbank Stadium and downsizing facilities doesn’t fit in with their rhetoric.”

  • View indicative diagrams of Edinburgh Council’s latest plan for Meadowbank, showing the size and location of any future sports centre and the area that is to become a housing scheme.

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