News Release: Meadowbank campaigners should fight on says Mark Lazarowicz

new build options at MeadowbankLeith MP Mark Lazarowicz has urged campaigners to continue their fight to Save Meadowbank.

Writing in this month’s edition of Edinburgh Seven magazine, Mr Lazarowicz expressed his concern at Edinburgh Council’s plan to significantly downsize the facility, which he called “a crime”.

“I’m very worried that all we might end up with is a small sports centre with limited facilities,” he said.

“I wasn’t happy with the original plan to demolish Meadowbank, but at least under these plans there would have been both a community sports centre at Meadowbank AND a new national sports stadium for Edinburgh at Sighthill. Now the idea of the national sports centre has vanished BUT we’re still going to end up with a much smaller facility at the existing Meadowbank.

“Meantime the Council has spent more than £1 million on reports on studies which have got nowhere.

“Of course, this is a big betrayal by the Lib Dem and SNP Councillors who promised before the election that they would ‘Save Meadowbank’!

“What the local community needs to do is to make sure that we campaign as strongly as possible to make sure the new Meadowbank does have a decent range of high-class facilities, including both indoor sports halls and outdoor all-weather facilities for football and athletics.

“As well as its national role, Meadowbank is the only large sports facility for much of North and East Edinburgh – serving a community of more than 100,000 people.

“At a time when there is rightly so much emphasis on public health, it would be a crime to lose the wide range of facilities that we have at Meadowbank.”

Last week Edinburgh East MP Gavin Strang reiterated his opposition to the demolition of Meadowbank. Several community councils have also voiced strong objections.

“We welcome this continued support from local MPs,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.


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