News Release: Meadowbank track must not be moved

Meadowbank trackPlans to move Meadowbank’s famous running track are seriously flawed, according to senior athletics coach Bill Walker.

Walker, who has coached several Olympic and Commonwealth medallists, says any track at Meadowbank has to be in its current position.

“Athletes will only be able to use the track if it is fit for purpose,” he explains. “Moving it to another part of the site would be unwise because of the prevailing wind, which is normally westerly and funnelled between Carlton Hill and Arthur’s Seat.”

Council officials have suggested moving the track to the area where the cycling velodrome currently stands. But Walker says that is a non-starter because of its proximity to the main East Coast railway line.

The track has to stay where it is or will end up with a facility that won’t be suitable for serious competition.”

Last month Mr Walker revealed it will cost ten times more to move the track to a new location instead of resurfacing the existing facility.

“This is another example of how flawed last month’s report to Edinburgh Council was,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor.

“Edinburgh Council needs to reconsider its current plan for Meadowbank because it has approved a report that indicates about two thirds of sporting facilities will be lost to make way for a housing development. At a time when Scotland and the UK is set to host the Commonwealth and Olympic games, it is clear that Meadowbank needs upgraded, not sold off and downsized.”


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