News Release: Community Council objects to Meadowbank plan

Meadowbank’s local Community Council is to object to the decision to significantly downsize Meadowbank Stadium and sell much of the site for housing.

Craigentinny/Meadowbank Community Council last night devoted most of its monthly meeting to the topic and was highly critical of the plan.

“Edinburgh Council’s decision is completely at odds with what the public want,” said Community Council chairman Giacomo Modica. “It will mean the loss of almost two thirds of the existing facilities. We need more facilities, not less.”

Mr Modica said Edinburgh Council had made their decision without adequate consultation. “No community council has been contacted. Our last involvement was the series of summer workshops which produced a report that reflected only the chairman’s view, not the view of the vast majority of its members.”

Mr Modica praised Lib Dem councillor Gary Peacock for voting against his party. He called on other councillors to reconsider their decision and listen to what the public have been telling them.

The meeting gave its full backing to the Save Meadowbank campaign. “We welcome this support and the many positive suggestions that were made at the meeting,” said campaign spokesman Aaron Lowe.

Read published article on the BBC.


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