Rally to Save Meadowbank – March 10th – Holyrood Abbey Church – 19.30

Meadowbank is an essential sports & leisure centre serving the whole of Edinburgh and beyond, and should be upgraded. However, there is still a real risk that a large part of Meadowbank may be sold off to property developers. City of Edinburgh Council will be meeting on March 13th to decide.

This campaign continues to oppose any sale of land and any reduction in the range and level of sports facilities offered at Meadowbank and we would like to share with you, at a public rally, our detailed plans to upgrade Meadowbank, and to offer you the opportunity to challenge leading Council and national politicians over theirs.

Date: Monday March 10th

Place: Holyrood Abbey Church, 83 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5TT

Time: 19.30

What can you do:

Download this poster to advertise the rally.

Download this leaflet and distribute among your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

Email your Local Councillors explaining what you think of any plan to sell off Meadowbank, neither in whole nor in part.

Forward this Email on to your friends, family, etc, and any suitable contact lists.

Very importantly, though, come to the rally on Mar 10th.

Be there if you care; When it’s gone it’s gone; Don’t let it happen!


One thought on “Rally to Save Meadowbank – March 10th – Holyrood Abbey Church – 19.30”

  1. Please keep up the good work.
    I am currently a regular user of the gym.
    Meadowbank is still very well used and an essential facility for Edinburgh to keep. I have never had a visit when the place was not being well used by other people. When I was there yesterday even the old climbing wall was being used by a class of children.

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