Meadowbank refurbishment proposal

Save Meadowbank Campaign (SMC) has spent the last year trying to work with City of Edinburgh Council and their officials to look at alternative ways of upgrading and refurbishing Meadowbank Stadium in order to make it fit for purpose and suitable for users needs.

We have engaged in public consultation meetings, sent deputations to the council meetings on two occasions, engaged in two series of workshops with council officials and architects, spoken with numerous councillors and MSPs.

Council officials have offered only two options for Meadowbank, both of which require sell off of land.

SMC has had its proposal for a fully refurbished centre ignored by the same council officials. Our proposal is based on consultations with a wide variety of users and sets guidelines aiming to create a vision of how the Meadowbank can be made fit for purpose for the many people that continue to make use of the sports facilities there.

Download our proposal.

SMC still believes that with your support we can prevent the sell off of land at Meadowbank and create a new and enhanced sports complex on the full Meadowbank site at a moderate cost. A sports complex of which we can be justifiably proud.

Look out for more information on the site in the coming weeks of how you can get involved.


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