Save the Whole of Meadowbank; not just a third!

While today’s Evening News front page would have us believe that the Save Meadowbank Campaign must be ready to pack up and retire, yet again, SMC’s response has been quoted out of context.

The Save Meadowbank campaign does not welcome any move to sell off any part of the Meadowbank site for housing. The Council seem determined to reduce the level of facilities, including getting rid of the velodrome. SMC is not.

Scotland will have little chance of combating obesity and other health and fitness problems if we continue to sell-off what little of our public land currently dedicated to sports use.

Edinburgh Council is putting on a reception at the City Chambers tonight in honour of Chris Hoy, Edinburgh’s own world-leading cyclist. Chris might be right to question the Council’s true attitude towards him. If they had true respect for him and his sport (one of the very few sports in which Scotland leads the world), they would not be casually planning the sell-off of the velodrome that was key to his and others’ success.

Yes the Council has financial worries. But the Meadowbank issue is not one they discovered last week. Proper budgeting is required over a period of years to ensure that rather than reduce the level of sports provision in Edinburgh, we increase it.

If Scotland’s capital city can afford £600m+ for one tram line, can we not afford at least to maintain and aspire to increase the provision of sports facilities over time? If not, then it is clear we have our priorities wrong.

“Edinburgh is a beautiful and prosperous city and one of the best places to live in the UK.” (Edinburgh Council) The Council should either revise that statement or revise their policy on sport.


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