Commonwealth Games 1986

Watch the opening ceremony of the 1986 Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank stadium.

Watch Steve Cram win the 800m and 1500m double at the 1986 Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank stadium.

“I don’t know why they can’t refurbish local facilities that appear to be well-used. Obviously, the local authority has its own plans, but it is disappointing when a facility such as Meadowbank isn’t replaced like for like” Steve Cram – 26th April 2007.

Watch middle distance legend Steve Ovett win Commonwealth gold at Meadowbank stadium.

Look out for historic wins for Lachie Stewart in 1970 and Liz Lynch in 1986 at Meadowbank.

1970 Commonwealth Games 10000, 1500, w400 & 5000m highlights

Okay, so it’s not the Commonwealth Games, but take a look at Michael Johnson running a phenomenal 200m at Meadowbank stadium early in his career.


4 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games 1986”

  1. Hello
    Does anyone have a copy of the opening ceremony video? My partner was one of the ‘dancers’ in it and would love to see it again!

    The link on this page says the video is not available.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. hi kevin, kevin here. my partner was a dancer in it too. have you found the video yet? she would love to see it.

  3. The 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh had a group of Scottish kids singing “The Power from Within” which was the opening theme tune to the opening ceremony followed by “The Royal Mile”, “Spirit of Youth” and “Smile With Us”. Can someone correct me in the order they were sung in.

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