Planning chief says housing should not be built at Meadowbank

A senior Council official has told Councillors they should drop plans to build housing on the Meadowbank Stadium site.

Andrew Holmes, Director of City Development at Edinburgh Council, has prepared a report that advises the planning committee to take this decision when it meets on Thursday to finalise the Edinburgh City Local Plan.

His recommendation comes after thouands signed petitions, marched and attended meetings to object to the loss of the popular sporting landmark.

Ben Wilson, principal planner working on the local plan, told campaigers: “This report will be considered at the meeting of the Planning Committee on 4th October. It includes the Council’s recommended initial responses, which the committee is asked to approve. This includes a recommendation that in light of the wider Council’s current position on Meadowbank, reference to housing development on the site should be deleted and the plan should be modified to reflect the position that major sports facilities should be retained at Meadowbank.”

Save Meadowbank spokesman Kevin Connor welcomed the move. “People clearly don’t want the site converted to housing,” he said. “Council planners seem to have listened to this view and we welcome the removal of this item from the Local Plan.”

Local MP Gavin Strang is one of many who have called on the Council to retain the entire site for sporting use. The campaign has also been backed by sport stars past and present including Olympic medalists Chris Hoy and Allan Wells.