Official Games document pledges almost £30 million to Commonwealth Pool

An official document for Scotland’s 2014 Commonwealth Games bid says the Scottish Executive will fund most of the refurbishment work on the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

Glasgow’s “Candidate City File”, which was submitted to the Commonwealth Games Federation in May, says £29.63 million is to be spent on the Royal Commonwealth Pool with £28.8 million coming from the Scottish Executive. This contradicts previous statements from Edinburgh Council and SportScotland who have said only £4 million will come from national funding.

“We have been calling for the government to pay a far greater share for the work required to bring the pool back to Commonwealth Games standard,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Bill Walker. “The only reason Edinburgh Council decided to sell Meadowbank Stadium was because it needed the money to pay for this upgrade. By giving a fairer percentage to Edinburgh for the Commonwealth Pool, central government would in effect be saving Meadowbank Stadium from closure.

“Members of the independent working group brought the Commonwealth Games document to the Council’s attention. This is an official document circulated around Commonwealth countries that says the Executive is prepared to give almost £30 million. Edinburgh Council needs to raise this with the Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland and the Scottish Executive.”

The candidate city file is a 251 page document that took eighteen months to prepare. The official website describes it as “a huge piece of work, this document details all of our plans for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. It’s a long read, but a good one!”

Edinburgh Council is expected to make a decision about Meadowbank when it meets this Thursday. Campaigners have called on people to meet outside the City Chambers at 09:30 to greet councillors as they arrive.


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