SportScotland should provide more funds for Royal Commonwealth Pool

SportScotland’s decision to fund one third of the cost of refurbishing Glasgow’s Scotstoun Stadium today led to calls for a similar percentage to be given towards modernising the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Meadowbank Stadium.

Edinburgh Council is due to spend £36 million on the Royal Commonwealth Pool as part of Scotland’s 2014 Commonwealth Games bid, of which SportScotland’s contribution is only £4 million. No money has been earmarked for refurbishing Meadowbank Stadium although SportScotland has said it will give £7 million towards a £56 million new build stadium at Sighthill.

Refurbishment of Scotstoun Stadium has been costed at £14.2 million, with £4.5 million pledged by SportScotland.

“Glasgow council has already said its citizens won’t have to pay for hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games,” said Save Meadowbank spokesman Bill Walker. “Much of their funding will come from central government rather than council tax payers.

“Compare that to Edinburgh where we are expected to fund major refurbishments ourselves.

“SportScotland should be consistent with the percentage funding they are offering both cities and provide Edinburgh with far more than £4 million to do up the Commonwealth Pool.

“One way this could be done is to allow Edinburgh council to use all £11 million SportScotland money for the Commonwealth Pool and invite the council to submit a fresh bid for refurbishing Meadowbank Stadium.”

Politicians of all parties have been invited to attend a public meeting at Meadowbank Stadium on Friday 17 August at 19:00 BST. Edinburgh Council is expected to make a decision about Meadowbank when it meets the following week.


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