Donald Gorrie says athletes want to stay at Meadowbank

Former Lib Dem MSP Donald Gorrie today urged his local party to save Meadowbank Stadium from demolition.

Now Honorary President of two athletics clubs, Edinburgh A.C. and Corstorhine A.C., Gorrie has kept a keen interest in the debate about whether the popular Edinburgh venue should be turned into a housing estate.

He said: “I have been listening to the views of active athletes, coaches and club officials about Meadowbank and Sighthill. I have yet to hear one who does not believe that Meadowbank should be retained as a centre for athletics and other sports.

“What the athletics community needs and wants is good quality training and competition facilities. Meadowbank and Saughton provide these to a good standard at manageable cost. If the social and sporting facilities are gradually spruced up and improved, Meadowbank would provide the best value option as the prime athletics and sport centre.

“The existing facilities would cost less to improve than the cost for building Sighthill, which will be far more than forecast. Athletes do not want Sighthill stadium. They want to continue to train and compete at Meadowbank.

“The loss of a well-sited central stadium at Meadowbank will discourage potential athletes.

“The Council should concentrate on improvements to the Commonwealth Pool and not rush into a ruinous unwanted stadium at Sighthill.”

Politicians of all parties have been invited to attend a public meeting at Meadowbank Stadium on Friday 17 August at 19:00 BST. Edinburgh Council is expected to make a decision about Meadowbank when it meets the following week.


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