Edinburgh urged to follow South Lanarkshire example

Meadowbank Stadium can be saved from demolition if Edinburgh Council follows the example set by their counterparts in another part of Scotland.

Labour-run South Lanarkshire Council had decided to sell Colonsay Field for housing, claiming they needed the money to improve Calderglen Country Park. Thousands protested and when a new administration took over in May the decision was reversed.

Graeme Macklin, chairman of St Leonard’s Community Council, led the successful campaign. He said: “Our success was due to many in the local community having enough of the way Labour bulldozed issues despite objections.

“Quite a few people told me it was all done and dusted. But we thought enough was enough. We wanted to make a stand against what we considered was environmental vandalism of a greenbelt area. If green spaces and play areas are sold off they will be lost to future generations.

“I was delighted when all the other political parties gave support to our campaign.

“This was a battle won by residents against the planning officers of Labour run South Lanarkshire council. It proved me to that dreams can come true and I wish Save Meadowbank well with their campaign.”

Save Meadowbank spokesman Chris Gallacher said: “This is a recurring theme around Scotland. For years previous administrations have sold assets to raise funds without fully considering other options.

“The comparisons are very clear. The previous administration in Edinburgh decided to sell a major sports centre for housing in order to build a replacement facility on a green field site on the other side of town.

“We urge the new councillors in Edinburgh to follow the example of South Lanarkshire and reverse a decision that is clearly unpopular.”

Politicians of all parties have been invited to attend a public meeting at Meadowbank Stadium on Friday 17 August at 19:00 BST. Edinburgh Council is expected to make a decision about Meadowbank when it meets the following week.


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