Dear Councillor

Please take a minute to send an email to your local councillor in order to make your opinion known, and to determine their positions. The sample provided can be amended to suit.

If you would like to visit your local councillors, surgery details  can be found on the same link

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One thought on “Dear Councillor”

  1. Please, please ,please don’t turn one the most beautiful cities in the world into a housing scheme!
    We need Meadowbank for our kids, community, schools and skyline….please listen to us.
    It’s Edinburgh’s diversity that makes it special…..listen to the people who live and work here and do not stand to gain from a sell-off of land that is, funnily enough, more vauable than the Sighthill area.
    Don’t be greedy. Leave us something of our own.
    Hazel Morrison

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