News Release: Land reform expert to give Edinburgh lecture

One of Scotland’s leading authorities on land reform is to give a public lecture in Edinburgh later this month.

Andy Wightman, an author and researcher who has been campaigning on the Edinburgh Common Good Fund for the past 18 months, will be the speaker. He said: “Across Scotland, hundreds of millions of pounds in funds and capital assets are missing from Common Good Funds. This wealth belongs to the people and this talk will highlight how this state of affairs has come about and what should be done about it.

“In particular, the lecture will examine the sorry record of the Edinburgh Common Good Fund and how a GBP 20 million asset such as the Waverley Market has been leased out for over 200 years at 1p per year.

“With growing public interest in Common Good across Scotland, this event provides an excellent opportunity for everyone with an interest in this topic including politicians, community activists, academics and the media to learn more about this vital issue.”

The lecture, entitled “Community Ownership of Land in Edinburgh – The Story of the Common Good Fund”, will take place at St Stephens Centre, St Stephens Street on Wednesday 27 June at 7.30pm. Seats are limited and can be reserved by e-mailing

It has been arranged by Edinburgh At Risk, a non-political umbrella organisation founded by a number of on-going campaigns.

Related site: Edinburgh at Risk


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