Margo MacDonald argues to keep athletics at Meadowbank

In her latest article for The Edinburgh Evening News, Independent Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald argues in favour of keeping athletics and sports facilities at Meadowbank.

To produce medal winners, there has to be as big a talent reservoir as possible. To produce that, as many people as possible must take part in sport and exercise, and coaching qualifications must be as accessible as possible.

This is the basic argument in favour of community athletics and sports training facilities being retained at Meadowbank. Additional to the health and welfare benefit to the whole population, a bigger pool of participants is bound to yield a greater number of potential winners.

Read Margo’s article.

Olympians Allan Wells and Steve Cram have also expressed support for saving Meadowbank.

Allan Wells: “I support the Save Meadowbank campaign and I am against its demolition. It is sad that Meadowbank is earmarked for future housing.

“It certainly played a major part in my life as an athlete. Without it, I would never have gone on to win an Olympic gold medal.”

Steve Cram: “I don’t [know] why they can’t refurbish local facilities that appear to be well-used. Obviously, the local authority has its own plans, but it is disappointing when a facility such as Meadowbank isn’t replaced like for like.”

Read the article.


Views sought on the future of Meadowbank

Are you a member of a sports group that uses the facilities at Meadowbank? Make sure your views are represented on the working group being set up by City of Edinburgh Council to discuss, ‘options for a possible refurbishment of Meadowbank, the principle of the sale of the site, and the provision of sporting facilities in the East.’

Contact the Council by the 24th of May to make sure your views are heard.

tel: 529 3952

Write to:
Culture and Sport
Level 2/1 City of Edinburgh Council
Waverley Court
4 East Market Street

For more information view the Council’s website.

Get on your bikes to save Velodrome

Read a compelling argument in support of retaining and refurbishing the Meadowbank Velodrome in this letter by Peter Tuck to the Edinburgh Evening News.

Read how important the Meadowbank Velodrome has been in the career of Olympic, World and Commonwealth champion, Chris Hoy.

Meadowbank track key to Chris’s success.
Chris Hoy wins Olympic gold 2004