Labour haven’t listened

Ewan Aitken’s proposal to stand by the decision to demolish Meadowbank Stadium and set-up a working group to consider a new community sports centre in east Edinburgh completely misses the point and shows he hasn’t listened to what thousands of people have been telling him.

That’s the Save Meadowbank campaign group’s response to a motion the Labour party will put before the full Edinburgh council on 26 April.

“The message from the public has been crystal clear. People have signed petitions in their thousands. They want Meadowbank Stadium saved, not converted into flats,” said Save Meadowbank spokesperson Paula Ferguson.

“A community centre is not what the citizens of Edinburgh want to see on the Meadowbank site. They want a sports stadium.

“Every other political party has got the message apart from Labour who by their very actions seem keen to commit electoral suicide.

Councillor Aitken has already admitted the council’s consultation “wasn’t what it should have been” because local residents and users of Meadowbank weren’t consulted prior to the decision being made to demolish the Stadium.

The council has always claimed it had to sell the Meadowbank site because SportScotland wouldn’t provide money for its refurbishment. Yet only last weekend SportScotland’s Chief Executive Stewart Harris said money could have been made available and the decision not to refurbish Meadowbank was the council’s alone.


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