Sighthill says NO!

Sighthill residents today launched a campaign against Edinburgh Council’s plan to replace their only green field site with a new sports stadium.

Locals don’t see any benefit having such a facility on their doorstep and have called instead for the council to keep its stadium at Meadowbank.

“Sighthill needs a park, not a concrete stadium,” said Ronnie Cairns, founder of the ‘Sighthill Says No’ campaign.

“The existing Sighthill Park is the only green space we’ve got. It is used by all the local community and not just as sports fields. Last weekend lots of families used it for an Easter picnic.

“A stadium here wouldn’t be used by local people. Most would be priced out.”

Cairns is well placed to know local feelings. He runs a community centre that is popular with youngsters. “The karate club would be lost to Sighthill people. I am not going to let that happen.

“Kids who want to play judo pay 10p. They won’t be able to pay Edinburgh Leisure’s prices to hire a hall at a new sports centre.

“Meadowbank is where such a stadium should be. It is easier to get to Meadowbank than Sighthill. If they remove the stadium from Meadowbank it will take away the area’s heart. There would be nothing left but a housing estate.”

The news that Sighthill residents don’t want a new stadium is a further blow to Edinburgh Council which is already under fire for deciding to demolish Meadowbank Stadium and replace it with hundreds of high density homes.


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