"Local people are being deceived"

Conflicting information from Councillors and the Planning Department, lead the Chair of the Craigentinny Community Council to conclude that local people are being deceived about plans for a new sports centre at Meadowbank.

In the minutes from the Craigenitnny Community Council meeting of Jan 22nd and the East Local Development Meeting of Jan 23rd, the Chair writes:

“In (my) opinion, as a non professional person in Planning and Council business, it seems that either the Planning department or the Council are trying to deceive us, the local people, on the plans for the new sports centre; and this is only after two consultation meetings. In which the Community Council feels that they have had their time wasted on the consultation up to now.

The only positive conclusion at the LDC (Local Development Committee) meeting was that there would be an extention of the planning deadline from 9th March to the first local partnership meeting of Craigentinny/Duddingston. This will be held after the May elections of the local Councillors”


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