Meadowbank Development Brief

The City of Edinburgh Council has recently published detailed plans to sell off the land currently occupied by Meadowbank Stadium to property developers. The plans state that housing is the most appropriate use of the land and that a ‘high density development is acceptable’.

The Meadowbank Redevelopment Brief informs us that the Council will use the money generated by the sale of Meadowbank to fund the refurbishment of the Commonwealth Pool and build new Sports facilities in the Sighthill area of the city.

There is an indication that some sports facilities will be retained at Meadowbank, but the specification for these ‘has not been agreed’.

Find out more
Tel: 0131 469 3590
Website: City of Edinburgh Council – Meadowbank Development Brief

Have your say
The deadline for commenting on the Development Brief is 9 March 2007.
Write a letter to: Head of Planning & Strategy, City Development Department, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG.


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